Tuesday, August 10, 2010

#9 Focus on Frank Miller (10/08/10)

Greetings! David and Daniel are back once agian to discuss and focus in on one of the most famous/imfamous comic writers, Frank Miller.

Friday, July 16, 2010

#8 Sex, Love, and Spandex (17/07/10)

Love! Romance! Lies! Lust! Passion! Relationships! Sex! Today we are looking at Superheroes and their love lives. All the heart breaks, some of favourite partners, the ones who were just in it for the sex and the ones made to last a life time, we also discuss some of our least favourites and comment on some of the poorer judgements made by superheroes when it comes to who they date. So, puppa up and listen to the AVERGAERS!

Monday, June 28, 2010

#7 Averagers Re-Assemble!

We're back! I know it's been a long time everyone but we came back! We have so much to catch up on and talk about, so we figured we would start with a big issue on big events, that is Cross Over Events in Comics. Over the years, Cross Over Events are becoming more and more regular, yearly these days. Civil War, Batman RIP, Blackest Night, Final Crisis, Siege, House of M, Second Coming, the Return of Bruce Wayne, and the list goes on and on and on (and it doesn't seem to be stopping!). So love them? Hate them? Good? Bad? Listen up to what we have to say!

Averagers (RE)Assemble!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

#6 - Comic Books and Morality (23/01/10)

Are comic books and their characters always black and white? Is it okay that Batman goes around beating up thugs? What happens when comic books become political? What kinds of messages do they send us? All this and more shall be discussed in what promises to be a deep and meaningful dicussion on comicbooks and morality.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

#5 - Batman: Between the Panels (10/01/10)

We are back guys and girls! Finally after our long break, we are back and ready to rock the geeky world! We are kicking off the New Year with a Between the Panels focusing on the Goddamn Batman! We discuss the character, his history, his films, his comics, and all the other things that are Batman related.
* David and Daniel are not Batman experts, and they may made one or two mistakes about the history or character of Batman. Forgivness and understanding please :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

# 4 - Bringing in the New Year (19/12/09)

Oh dear Averager's, another year has come and gone, so fast and so soon. A year of comics, movies, games, and conventations, and Dave and Daniel are here to discuss it all. However for a treat, David and Daniel called upon the help of our support cast members Andrew and Cameron (Daniel's younger twin brothers) to talk about the games that came out this year and what is coming out next year. We talk about the flops of the year *coff* Transformers 2 *coff* as well as the films we loved. We name our picks for Game of the Year. Dave shares what Marvel is bringing in next year and Daniel discusses what DC has been cooking up for the new year as well.

Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

*NOTE: Andrew mean't Twin's Peak, he is sorry and admits it was a n00b mistake.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

#3 - Lights! Comics! Actions! (12/12/09)

Comic book movies! The earliest stuff! The newest stuff! Batman! Superman! X-Men! We have a second podcast as well, which will be published on Wednesday the 16th Dec. We discuss the orginal Superman movies, the old Batman movies, Superman Returns, X-Men I, II, and III, Wolverine Origins, Spawn, Blade, Ninja Turtles, The Punisher, and a few more, but more to come. We answer alot of questions, one of our topics being Disney's take over of Marvel.